Our Approach

The StarStika’s                              

People have been wanting to know for a while now who the heck the Star Stikas are so we will be more than happy to inform you what type of company we are. Star Stikas were founded around 1980s and have had one goal and this goal was to implant seeds into people’s brains that would cause immediate action that way people would take action and not just wait indefinitely. We started of as a company who had low self-esteem and just hated being the little guys. We got sick and tired of always waiting because waiting doesn’t really equal results instead it just made us pissed off at ourselves knowing our time was going down the drain. So, then one day our site made a resolution that we would aim for stars and strike it with all our might or just fail there was no middle ground anymore.

Our Story

The second we decided to push caution to the wind and live life daring and risque we saw something different. What we saw was massive change what we have done was never done before and now that we were actually attempting it, we knew that were up to something we were not to sure what this something was, but it felt awesome. WE WATCHED as our site grew two times its regular size in a short amount of time, it was nothing less than astonishing and amazing. We knew that our formula would take us places and it did, it’s just that it is really dang lonely at the top and we would love to see more people prosper like our company has and that is why we have decided to share our company’s secrets with all of you on this site. We hope that you trust us enough to use what we have used to gain our success.

We are glad that you have taken the time to read up on our company. We did grind hard to get to exactly where we are now and with that being said, it is only right you get to levels of success that you will be happy about as well. We want you guys to be above mediocre and to strive for whatever it is that you want out of life. It feels great knowing that the same site that was used to help us grow is now being used to help others grow tremendously, we know that it has done great things for us and that it will also do awesome things to you, just stay consistent and engaged in what we have to offer and we guarantee that you will definitely get the results that you want guaranteed. We have discussed a-lot of information in this short amount of time and we know we may of been moving fast it is just we wanted to make sure we covered what we wanted cover, so that way we can move on to tips that will help you guys grow as individuals, so yeah this was a history content blog that we hope you found beneficial.                               

Meet the Team

These are the people we started of with from the very jump!


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Regan has always been the dare devil women to step outside the box to get what she wants out of life.


Eric Teagan

Vice President

Eric has always been the smart yet cautious mind that calculated every step of our journey to success.


Timothy Barrett


Timothy well... he has always been around so yeah he definitely has been a support factor for us.

Next Steps...

It is now up to you to decide what you want to do with your life. You can either strika it hard or strika soft it is your choice!